Taking my POWER back by finding my PEACE

I am flattered to have been described as a dynamic and empathetic leader. I have a background of inspiring small teams, cultivating lasting customer relationships, and helping individuals with personal-growth. After obtaining my BS in Business Administration, I spent more than 20 years in the technology sector focused on helping small to large businesses grow and care for their customer base. 

In 2012 my lifelong battle with "seizures" intensified. This prompted me to seek out natural non-pharmaceutical ways to reduce my triggers of stress and anxiety.  I began the journey of healing.  In 2018 I completed my RYT200 Yoga Instructor Certification and Co-Founded  Benessere Fresno a Wellness Center, both with the goal of paying that healing forward.  I continued life as a busy working mom with my full time career in ag-tech. Later that year after a medical exam solidified the root cause of my "seizures" (convulsions while unconscious), and a new diagnosis of Dysautonomia, I began further study on holistic tools for regulating my nervous system.  

In the summer of 2020 after a COVID induced layoff I decided it was time to upgrade my passion project of Yoga & Stress Management Techniques into my full time career focus. This pivot has allowed me to pour more energy into my clients as well as my children as they navigate their new world of distance learning.  My current studies continue to focus on brain health and nervous system regulation such as the polyvagal theory.  I teach private yoga classes virtually and in person in the Fresno area for corporate wellness clients and individuals. I also lead weekly livestream classes through Benessere Fresno and Perfect Balance Yoga and am in the process of building Take5. I live in Central California with my husband, son, daughter, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and a few chickens.


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